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This container is not meant for public consumption as it is hard coded to LinuxServer endpoints for storage of resulting reports

The purpose of this container is to accept environment variables from our build system linuxserver/pipeline-triggers to perform basic continuous integration on the software being built.


The container can be run locally, but it is meant to be integrated into the LinuxServer build process:

sudo docker run --rm -i \
-v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
-v /host/path:/ci/output:rw `#Optional, will contain all the files the container creates.` \
-e IMAGE="linuxserver/<dockerimage>" \
-e TAGS="<single tag or array separated by |>" \
-e META_TAG=<manifest main dockerhub tag> \
-e BASE=<alpine or debian based distro> \
-e SECRET_KEY=<S3 secret> \
-e ACCESS_KEY=<S3 key> \
-e DOCKER_ENV="<optional, Array of env vars separated by | IE test=test|test2=test2 or single var. Defaults to ''>" \
-e WEB_AUTH="<optional, format user:passord. Defaults to 'user:password'>" \
-e WEB_PATH="<optional, format /yourpath>. Defaults to ''." \
-e S3_REGION=<optional, custom S3 Region. Defaults to 'us-east-1'> \
-e S3_BUCKET=<optional, custom S3 Bucket. Defaults to ''> \
-e WEB_SCREENSHOT_TIMEOUT=<optional, time in seconds before timing out trying to take a screenshot. Defaults to '120'>
-e WEB_SCREENSHOT_DELAY=<optional, time in seconds to delay before taking a screenshot after loading the web page. Defaults to '10'> \
-e SBOM_TIMEOUT=<optional, time in seconds before timing out trying to generate a SBOM. Defaults to '900'>
-e WEB_SCREENSHOT=<optional, set to false if not a web app. Defaults to 'false'> \
-e PORT=<optional, port web application listens on internal docker port. Defaults to '80'> \
-e SSL=<optional , use ssl for the screenshot true/false. Defaults to 'false'> \
-e CI_S6_VERBOSITY=<optional, Updates the S6_VERBOSITY env. Defaults to '2'> \
-e CI_LOG_LEVEL=<optional, Sets the ci logging level. Defaults to 'INFO'> \
-e DOCKER_LOGS_TIMEOUT=<optional, How long to wait in seconds while tailing the container logs before timing out. Defaults to '120'> \
-e DRY_RUN=<optional, Set to 'true' when you don't want to upload files to S3 when testing>
-t lsiodev/ci:latest \

The following line is only in this repo for loop testing:

  • { date: "01.01.50:", desc: "I am the release message for this internal repo." }